Jaylo renews GMP and Qualimat certificates

Our company has recently renewed by means of an audit the GMP and Qualimat certificates, essential for the correct traceability and good practices of animal feeding.

These quality systems ensure the correct production, treatment and transport of agri-food products, ensuring the safety and security of the product in all the links involved in the food chain.

GMP regulation

The GMP (good manufacturing practices) is a series of standards that are applied in the manufacture of food, also in medicines or cosmetics, whose objective is to guarantee the quality and safety of the products during their processing. Within the pharmaceutical and veterinary sector, it is important that all products are produced in accordance with good manufacturing practices, and that it is confirmed that they meet all quality standards, allowing them to be used safely.

Qualimat certificate

Qualimat is one of the most demanding certifications in the market, which seeks to control all processes in the manufacture of animal feed, from the acquisition of the raw material to the obtaining of the final product. A process in which transport and logistics play a very prominent role, being essential to have certified carriers that guarantee the correct execution of all quality standards during the transport of the merchandise.

Jaylo has always worked in accordance with the requirements of quality regulations, being aware of our responsibility in the transport of products as sensitive as those intended for human or animal food, and always trying to offer a 100% safe and reliable service to all our clients.