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Information on updates or new regulations in the transport and logistics sector.

  • CBAM, new EU legislation about carbon emissions

    Last May, the European Union implemented a new regulation aimed at supervising CO2 emissions related to the import of products with a high carbon footprint, known as the 'Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism' (CBAM).

    The implementation of this measure is scheduled for January 2026, although a transition phase has already been approved that will begin on 1 October 2023, focused on products with a high potential for carbon leakage, affecting all importers of such products.

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  • Jaylo obtains the GDP certificate for the transport of pharmaceutical products

    This new certification guarantees compliance with all the sector requirements, for the correct transportation of medicines for human use, their safety or traceability, among other requirements, in respect to the current legislation.

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  • European Mobility Package: new measures regarding driving and rest times and the digital tachograph

    On Thursday, August 20, the European Mobility Package came into force, the main objective of which is to update the regulations in search of a balance between companies and drivers, in addition to regulating and reducing infringements in the field of road transport. The standards were published on July 31 in the Official Journal of the European Union.

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