Jaylo's sustainability management is distinguished with the EcoVadis Silver Medal

Jaylo has just been recognized with the EcoVadis Silver Medal, a fact that indicates a global ranking within the 80th percentile, which places our company among the 25% of the companies best evaluated by EcoVadis.

The EcoVadis rating provides Jaylo with a credible assessment of responsible corporate sustainability performance, while also giving him an opportunity to show leadership in his industry, alignment with global best practices, and implementation of sustainability management systems that are not limited to conformity.

Certificate EcoVadis Siver 2022

What is Ecovadis?

This is a new sustainability initiative based on risk assessment, through a questionnaire analyzed by experts, on critical aspects related to the impact on the environment, labor practices and human rights, ethics and sustainable purchases.

Its objectives include reducing the risk of supply chain disruptions, protecting the company's reputation and brands, reducing costs through collaborative actions, facilitating access to capital and increasing valuation, and providing an advantage in the market. when customers ask for a sustainable and responsible supply chain.

Organizations around the world turn to EcoVadis as the standard global sustainability management platform for them to advise and monitor their business partners on their sustainability performance, while driving continuous improvement in their relationship with the environment.


Jaylo main values

At Jaylo we are a company committed to the aspects analyzed by EcoVadis, such as sustainability, the well-being of our workers and business ethics, with firm values ​​that are the basis of our work:

  • · We support a strong commitment to the environment, carrying out clear actions that help reduce our impact on the ecosystem.
  • · One of our main commitments is to defend fair labor practices, aligned with the safety and well-being of our workers.
  • · Our business ethics are the basis for the principles and values ​​that we put into practice every day in order to carry out optimal and respectful work.
  • · Regarding sustainable purchases, we ensure that both the services and the supplies received by the company have all the guarantees, taking into consideration all the social or environmental clauses in the contracts with our suppliers.


At Jaylo we have always striven to offer the best quality, guaranteeing the well-being of our employees and our natural environment, having the necessary instruments and means to comply with our labor, ethical and environmental principles.