Countdown to the launch of the first Jaylo Intralogistics project

The Jaylo team is developing together with the teams from MRC Soluciones, Toyota Material Handling and Laso Informática what will be the first project of our Intralogistics division in the coming months.

The project consists of the construction of a platform that links our facilities with those of our client SKF and through which, in an automatic and sustainable way, we will supply online and collect the finished product on demand 24 hours a day. This will allow an improvement in the client's competitiveness as well as a notable reduction in C02 emissions from operations, since it will be powered mainly by renewable energy.

From Jaylo we want to thank the involvement of all the teams involved, Construcciones IDOI and Ingeniería Cintec for the haste in the civil works, AR-Racking for their agility in the assembly of the storage system and, above all, the trust they have placed in us SKF to carry out this innovative and novel project.

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