IFS Logistics, Jaylo's new certificate that guarantees food quality and safety

Our company has recently obtained the IFS (International Featured Standard) certificate, a recognized seal which allows us to meet all the requirements of European distributors in terms of quality and food safety.

This certification is aimed at manufacturers of industrial products, importers, commercial agencies, as well as logistics companies and allows guaranteeing the traceability of products, establishing harmonized processes adapted to food safety, avoiding fraud, maintaining crop safety or defending the origin of our food, among others.

This food safety standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) allows auditing companies that manufacture food as well as those that pack food products, focusing on the safety and food quality of the products. This standard applies when products are processed or when there is a danger of product contamination during primary packaging.

Currently this certificate is recognized worldwide, being a strong entry barrier for export in many countries. Among the main objectives proposed by the IFS are:

· The establishment of a common standard with a single evaluation system for the food industry.
· Work with accredited certification bodies and qualified auditors.
· Greater comparability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain.
· Reduce manufacturing and distribution costs and time.

Obtaining this new certificate allows Jaylo to expand and improve its services, complying with the quality and food safety requirements established by the certifying entity. A very important step for our company that allows us to ensure the highest quality in our services, managing to satisfy all the needs of our specialized customers in the food industry.

IFS Logistics Certificate

  IFS Logistics Certificate