Jaylo, cardioprotected space

At the end of February of this year, Jaylo's office staff received training on the correct use of the defibrillator and basic life support, a course given by Anek S3 Lifeguard Project, a leading company in emergency training for both healthcare and non-healthcare professionals.

Thanks to this training, the members of our team have the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to provide first aid, and duly assist anyone with a condition of these characteristics.

Since 2020 we have an easily accessible defibrillator system in our facilities, complying with the regulations of the Autonomous Community of Navarra, which regulates the use of external automatic and semi-automatic defibrillators, outside the health field, in order to protect and prevent the health of our workers in the event of sudden cardiac arrest.

Effective and rapid action in these cases is vital. Thanks to the combination of tools such as cardiac rescue points and CPR, it is estimated that up to 70% of people affected by cardiac arrest can be saved.

With the implementation of these new actions, we are advancing in our objective of achieving a safer space, preserving the well-being of our employees and all the people who visit us.