Jaylo renews its SQAS certification for chemical sector

The SQAS certification, requested by several chemical manufacturers, is a procedure used in the European chemical industry to verify compliance with quality, safety and environmental standards by their logistic service suppliers, guaranteeing that the storage, handling and transport operations of chemical products are carried out with the appropriate levels of quality and safety. 

With an average score of over 75% in both transport and logistic services, both activities having been evaluated, it is worth noting that a score of 100% was obtained in BBS (Behaviour Based Safety). This system allows Jaylo to identify, establish, maintain and increase safety in the transport area. Part of this success is due to the specialised safety and efficient driving training that Jaylo provides to drivers.

The benefits of this certification include: avoiding continuous assessments as a logistic service supplier, making it easier for our clients the decision of contracting logistic and transport services and reducing the subjectivity through the intervention of especializad independent inspectors.

In addition, it encourages a two-way flow of information so that companies in the chemical industry and logistics service providers can suggest improvements and gain valuable, unbiased feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.

With this renewal, we at Jaylo continue to improve our customer service, ensure higher quality and safety, and reinforce our commitment to the environment. We would like to congratulate the entire Jaylo team for achieving this new goal, especially the quality, fleet and prevention department.

SQAS certification