In the fight against COVID19, we are all heroes

At Jaylo we continue working so that you do not lack anything these days. Our logistics and transport area has developed an action protocol with the aim of preventing the spread of the coronavirus, which is mandatory for both our warehouse and logistics center operators, as well as our drivers.

In addition to the basic measures recommended by the health authorities applied to the general population, a series of extraordinary preventive measures have been adopted to avoid contagion inside and outside the company, having the necessary means to carry out all of them as quickly as possible. loading and unloading operations.

Transport plays a fundamental role in moments as unexpected as the ones we are experiencing and it is our obligation to have all the necessary resources so that our workers and clients can carry out their work as safely as possible.

From here we want to value the willingness and effort made by our employees who, with the necessary technical and human resources, guarantee the supply of basic products during these days to all points of sale.