Jaylo's new headquarter, a reference project for the furniture manufacturing company

The equipment for our headquarters in Tudela has been developed by the Equipa2 company in collaboration with the office furniture manufacturer Actiu.

Achieving a pleasant environment where the human team feels comfortable and motivated has been one of our main objectives. For this reason, in the new work areas we are committed to well-being and sustainability, combining design, quality and warmth of the new furniture with the latest technologies in lighting and air conditioning.

On the ground floor of the offices the reception is located, where the use of materials such as wood, natural light or warm colors predominates; a training room with folding mobile tables and a fully equipped dining room.

On the upper floor, the stairs lead to an open space where the administration area, traffic department, offices, meeting rooms and an office are located for moments of rest and relaxation.

On the website of Actiu, a furniture manufacturing company, you can see an article with a photo gallery where you can perfectly see the final result of the project.

The workspace is now fully operational.